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There's a local radio station here called BobFM that plays a mix of..well, top 40 and classic rock going back to the 50's, and occassionally they drop little promo lines that are Austin related. Some of them I don't get because I haven't been here long enough, but I heard one today that was:
"Barton Springs might be closed for 6 months to fix a crack. Bob thinks they must be using the same contractors as the Central Texas Railway." BURN! (gotta live in Austin to get that one)

My enchilada craving has finally been satisfied. Let me tell you, ordering enchiladas here is an adventure. In Michigan, when you order an enchilada, it comes with "enchilada sauce". You can imagine how I felt when I went to Polvo's a while ago and they had roughly 15 different sauce choices! I looked at the menu and went like this: o_O. There were no descriptions for any of them, and I only recognized 3 of the names. I'm not experimental enough to try something without knowing what's in it. Luckily, I've discovered that I like rojas sauce, and I default to that if nothing else.
Today I went to a place called the Texican Cafe nearby, and got the enchilada sampler with 3 different fillings, 3 different sauces. What I have enjoyed as "enchilada sauce" is called "Cozumel sauce" on their menu. Sadly, I think this is their own name, so I can't order it anyplace else. I do know that it's made with red tomatillos! But I finally got the enchilada I wanted and now I am happy.

Maybe next time I should just go to Hula Hut. Their enchiladas come with queso blanco sauce and are really good.
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Today is Juneteenth, the official end of slavery in Texas. On June 19, 1865, General someone landed in Galveston and announced two and a half years late that the slaves had been freed by Lincoln's Emanipation Proclamation. It's now an official state holiday in Texas. (I would like to point out that Texas also celebrates Confederate Heroes Day. Such is the absurdity of Texas.)

Being a state holiday, I get comp time for working today. There were all of 4 people in my office today. The 3 support staff who were there went to lunch at a place called Leaf, which is a make your own salad place. The salads are huge (I couldn't finish mine. This is a salad we're talking about) and really good. It's downtown in an area I haven't really been before. I don't spend much time downtown unless I'm at the drafthouse. :)
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I saw my very first armadillo today! I'm excited! It was dead, but still. I don't know that I've ever even seen one at the zoo.

I forgot, there was something else that I learned at diversity training yesterday. The streets in downtown Austin that run north and south, except for Congress, are named after rivers in Texas. The western most street is named after the Rio Grande, and as you go east, the further north in Texas the river. Cool, eh?
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Let's play a game, shall we?
I live about 7 minutes from downtown.
With that piece of info, anyone want to take a guess at how far this panorama is from my house? I want to know what people think. :)
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That was NOT the kind of email I wanted to come home to. The person who came by to look at the place decided that she wanted her own place instead and wouldn't be looking for a roommate after all. This is really starting to infuriate me.

Went to a German Mai Fest at the German/Texan Heritage Center, which was terribly boring. Accordian music and German folk dancing are not my thing. Ran into someone from the German group I tried out for a while but didn't really like, and he asked why I hadn't been able to make it. I haven't been to that group since November.

So, after leaving there, I decided to take a drive and go see Lake Travis, since I hadn't yet. I hesitate to call it big, since to me a big lake is one you can't see the other side of, but it's large enough to accommodate lots of boats. It's a nice area. There's also a nudist park there, heh.

some pictures )

Went to Hula Hut for dinner since I was kinda craving shrimp enchiladas, and ordered desert too, since the desert menu there is awesome. I always feel bad when I go out to eat and take up a 4 person table by myself. I'll sit at the bar if they have one, but some restuarants don't. And that's a lot of unused table space when people are waiting. I'm told that in Germany it's not uncommon for people to sit at your table if you have empty seats. I've never had it happen since I was always with a group on the occassion that I went to a sit-down restaurant. But if it is the case, it's certainly an efficient custom.

By the way, would anyone be willing to beta my remix? :)
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I love how much people are ranting about the hail that Austin had yesterday. It didn't even make it to the east side of town, so I'm sure it can't have been that bad! I mean, when I was in Michigan for xmas break (or maybe it was before I left...can't remember exactly) South Bend had hail that was almost the size of baseballs, putting holes in people's roofs and smashing car windows. We want to talk bad hail, THAT is bad hail.

Speaking of weather, this morning is was storming, this afternoon it was sunny and warm, and now it's windy and the temp is dropping quickly. I thought the weather changed fast in Michigan, dang.

None of my media players are opening. Itunes, real player, windows, nada. Not sure what's going on with my computer.

Someone I work with hosted an open house type thing at a local accessories store tonight. I went for the sake of socializing with coworkers (trying to schmooze, in other words). All open house attendees got 20% off, so I got 2 pairs of cute earrings for $12 total. Yay for deals.

After my big ranty post, I went and treated myself to lobster last night. I've been seeing Red Lobster lobsertfest commercials for the past few weeks, and finally gave in. It was expensive, but it was delicious. Mmmm lobster. I felt happily sated for the rest of the evening. I feel happy just thinking about it actually. :)

I've had You Ruined Me stuck in my head all day.
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You ever notice how in a lot of towns, there seems to be one food item that you find more than others? Like, in Holland, there are a lot of places to get ice cream. Well, in Austin, it's definitely sandwiches. Aside from the national sandwich chains like Subway and Jimmy Johns, Austin has a lot of local sandwich chains- Thundercloud Subs, Jason's Deli, Texadelphia, Schlotzky's...to name a few. I tried a new place today- Potbelly (which after looking, is actually a Chicago based chain. huh. never seen one before). And I'm sure there are some independently run sandwich shops around town too. Austinites really love a sandwich. Maybe it's because I work at a government complex/next to UT, but Austin seems like a very lunch-friendly town.
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I haven't posted video in a while, so I think this week I shall do a video series. The theme is: stuff shot in Austin. Cause I like my city.

This one won't embed, but...
Rock The Casbah- The Clash
One of the first things to ever be shot here, I believe, since the locals thought the band was nuts for wanting to shoot a music video in town. Other than the capitol building, there's absolutely nothing I recognize of Austin in this video. It was a totally different place in 1981.
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I've finally found another place to rollerblade! Woohoo! My good buddy Mr. Nichols has a fitness trail. Fitness trails went obsolete years ago, but the path at this particular one is still trafficked by kids of training bicycles and moms with strollers. It is flat and completely paved. OMG yay. I love this park, seriously. And it's a lot closer than the Veloway. If I could move closer to that area of town, I probably would, but I couldn't afford it.

I think as soon as my roommate moves out, I'm going to paint the trim in the bathroom. It's currently this disgusting olive color. I'm thinking about redoing it in blue.