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Joey speaks full sentences in German!

Oh boys, are you trying to make my heart explode in fannish and German geek glee?
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I had a dream last night that it snowed in Austin. Like, full on blizzard type snow. Maybe my subconcious actually misses it.

I did end up finally going back to German group last night. Spent most of the hour and a half-ish I was there talking to this guy who studied in Freiburg a couple years before I did.

Made a couple phone calls to places I applied to last week, was told by...well, all of them, that they would start looking at apps next week, and if I wanted to check in to call then. Ok by me.

Temp agency called and I have an assignment. It's only 3 days, but it's money, and it's downtown! Best part is I get off at 2, so still have 3 hours to make calls to people if needed.

I'm debating grad school. I have no frickin clue what I'd want to study though.

Oh, and someone please respond to my fic discussion on [profile] popsoundboard. Please?
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I went out and about town today going to talk to various employment agencies. Most, I discovered, are by appointment only and all I walked out with was a business card. I did speak to someone at Evins about what I'm looking for and how their system works...they do hunt for permanent positions, but it sounds like most of their hiring is temp. Which I am also ok with in the meantime. Temp job is better than no job.

I voted yesterday. Yay! Via absentee since I am not registered down here.

Tonight I am going to a German conversation group run by UT. I figure it's a good way to meet some people with similar interests. :) At a pub, as all german groups tend to be, which I am assured actually has a parking lot. It should be fun.
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I just went back and looked over a journal article that I wrote 2 years ago for my German class on the market in Freiburg. Hadn't looked at it in a while, so I have new feedback that I hadn't seen. One of them says this:
Wir haben uns in einem Seminar der PH Freiburg über die Kriterien einer Reportage unterhalten und haben Ihren Text auf der Grundlage dieser Merkmale untersucht.
Obwohl Deutsch für Sie eine Fremdsprache ist, haben Sie den Freiburger Markt in unseren Augen sehr anschaulich beschrieben.

For those who don't speak German, it says this:
We discussed the criteria of a Reportage in a seminar at the PH (Pedagogical High School) Freiburg and have examined your text for the basics of these criteria. Although German is a foreign language for you, you have described the Freiburg Market very vividly in our eyes.

My article got used in a class! How cool is that!?
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This is my third post in like 20 minutes, but I don't care because I'm upset and pissed and just arg.

So apparently once you graduate from Hope, people forget that you ever went there. Career services stopped sending me emails at all, and I found out from [profile] mnemesene about the networking event in Chicago next week. And professors Dehaan and Lunn still haven't written me the letters of reccommendation I asked them for 3 weeks ago.
I just found out that two of my friends are reciving awards from the German department. Which is great. I'm glad they were recognized. But I'm also kind of upset that I was never recognized by that department, or even asked to join the honor society (I was off campus during the last induction and they didn't have any last year for some reason). Never mind that I took 6 semesters of German there and had a perfect 4.0 average for my German major. Apparently that doesn't matter.

Someone please get on aim. I really need to talk to somebody.
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Are there any special rules for using paasive in German? It's been a year since I've written anything and can't remember.
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I've got a headache, a fever, and PMS. I feel icky.

Registered with a local temp agency today. Yes, I did bring my soc card this time. :P I'm just looking for something to get me out of the house for a month or two.

Found an internship possibility with the German-American chamber of commerce. Now I must translate both my CV and cover letter into German...within the next two days. I haven't spoken German in a while, I'm gonna need to find someone who can check my grammar and professionalism tomorrow. I don't know if I'm gonna be able to pull that off or not, but if not, I'll still register with the site's employment page anyway.

Also, is there a German word for "honor society"?

ETA: K, so the internship I was looking at is for Germans only. Good, that gives me more than 2 days. There is an internship for Americans that sends you to Germany for varying lengths of amount. I'm just not sure if the employment page is for anyone but Germans either. It asked me whether I went to a Hochschule or a Gymnasium.
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Best Buy hath deemed the mp3 player inoperable. So, I traded it in for an ipod....8gig for only $50 on my part. Woo. I don't even have that much music on my computer! Looks like I'm gonna have to download more stuff....

Q- what type of video formats will ipods support? Just mp4?

Taken from [profile] turps33 The 10 Things I Assume You Know About Me meme
Well, actually half my FL is new and there's a lot you probably don't know, unless you read back into my journal. But, here's some basics: )
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