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New hairdryer has been obtained. It is hot pink. :D

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I didn't forget this week!
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Today was some high school graduation at the Frank Irwin Center. Whoever planned said graduation was clearly an idiot, because the ceremony got out at 5pm, the exact same time as almost everyone in downtown Austin gets off work. I had to dodge high schoolers pulling out of the parking lot. (Not to mention there were parents parked in government-only parking. My work is supposed to tell us about events that use our parking, but I never heard word of this one. Maybe they weren't supposed to park there but did anyway.)
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Still stressing about apartment hunting/budgeting, but I will spare you all. I keep trying to tell myself that I probably can't afford that place I really liked, but my brain refuses to listen. I did see another place I think I would like as well, though the guy at the office was not quite so helpful about my questions. I need to decide by Sunday if I want to move and I still don't know what I want to do. I hate to say I'm leaving then not be able to find a place. I'd really be screwed then.

I watched an episode of SPN last night. Not thoroughly impressed, but I now understand why people write slash about those two guys. Took me about 5 minutes or less to see that one.

Since I neglected it yesterday, here are this week's pic365 pictures.
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Attended diversity training all this morning. The only thing I learned was that the people from the call center are talkative. I was perhaps a bit stunned that we actually discussed sexual orientation- this is still Texas after all, even if it is Austin. Nonetheless, it wasn't a boring session, even if it was mostly just 3 people doing all the talking.

Potential roommate has found a different place. Frickin figures. :/

In other news, my car got up to 60mph during rush hour today! I usually only hit 30 max. I was amazed.

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Ok, y'all think it's bizarre that my neighbor has a pet rooster? I've seen something more bizarre. As I was driving out of the alley behind Magnolia Cafe, I drove by a house that had a goat in their yard. Not like the kind you'd usually see on a farm, but a shaggy exotic looking kind. A goat! Right off South Congress. This city must not have a farm animal ordinance.

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It's Wednesday!
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Today I got spam from a Martin Luther. The father of the Reformation is trying to contact me! lol

I have a huge headache and the guys blaring music next door are NOT helping. At least they move out tomorrow.

Oh hey, it's Wednesday.
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Broke a cardinal rule of mine and bought pre-made asian food. And believe it or not, it was actually good! Central Market stuff is looking pretty good, as their pumpkin tortellini was excellent.

Today was apparently Administrative Assistants Appreciation Day, and someone brought in chocolate covered strawberries. Yum. Someone else brought in warm fresh cookies, which were also delicious. Yay free food! I definitely had a sugar buzz today. :D

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Remix assignments are out! Wheeeeeee!

As for pic365, this week I have a theme! I did not even realize that my pictures had a theme until I uploaded them and noticed they are all vehicle related. It wasn't intentional, I just found a lot of fun car related stuff this week.
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