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I've been in a foul mood today. This is what I get for going back to work after a day of fun and sun. I had to organize the notebooks of an attorney who just retired. This guy kept every draft he ever printed, which is so annoying. My regular attorney generates a lot of paperwork, but he will not ever keep drafts. It's also a little difficult to organize something by subject matter when you aren't familiar with the subject matter.

My part (in my hair. on top of my head.) is sunburnt. I specifically tied my hair back so that I wouldn't have a part, but my ponytail fell out sometime in the afternoon, and that was about the end of that. I do have a nice tan otherwise, which is a rare happening. :)

In good news, the US not only won their game today, they won their group! Whee! I'm bummed that England is in and not Slovenia, but England vs. Germany should make for an interesting match.
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Hey [personal profile] trovia, I have the World Cup on. On the Spanish channel, but still. :P (Actually, I like watching on Univision because the announcers get really excited. You haven't lived until you've listened to the Univision guy yell "Gooooooooooooooal!")

A small parade went by my office today. I was dropping a file off at a coworker's cubicle and I was like "is that a marching band I hear?" Sure enough, I find a window and there's a bunch of boys either high school or college age, wearing matching t-shirts, marching down the street with ribbons and a marching band. I tried to read their shirts to figure out who they were, but from four stories up, no luck.

Speaking of work, yesterday I was awarded 2 days paid vacation for my work on the healthcare bill review. Guess I did get credit after all.

The Big 12 conference is being dissolved. I'm sure none of you give a shit about this, but it's big news here right now.

Day 27 - Best pilot episode

Mini-series, BSG. Never before has a tv show managed to get me completely addicted in 1 episode. This one did, so it wins today.
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No details, but let's just say I found something that turned out to be really important. :D
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The Healthcare Bill extended funding for abstinence-only education. *angry face*

Speaking of the Healthcare Bill, it's completely taken over my life as far as work goes, but I kinda like it because I finally have something to do at work. I go nuts if I'm not productive, and now I am. I also still have 2000 pages to review for notes and see what needs to be inputted into our system. Yay! (This is totally going on my resume, btw.)

April is in 2 days and still no word from UCLA.

Random question: are Tia Rosa chips a national brand or are they just a Texas thing? I saw them on sale about a month ago and decided to try them. I have been completely in love ever since.

I decided to do some preliminary apartment hunting in VA last night, mostly to get grips on pricing. Damn Charlottesville is expensive. That or I'm just used to living in places that are cheap. I may have to fly out again this spring and apartment hunt. Hopefully not.
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Lousy day at work today. In short, something became a huge issue that A) should not have been an issue, at least not as large as it turned out to be and B) probably wouldn't have been an issue had I been there. It's also related to a practice that was started before I got there, so I wasn't able to answer any of the "why does it happen this way?" questions that came my way. Not terribly time consuming, but stressful.

Here's a bit for you. If I were to tell you that the following passage appeared in an academic publication, when do you guess it would have been written? No googling, I want to know what your speculation is:

[...]In bisexuality, as in other domains, one finds intermediate cases ranging from a mere trace of homosexual love to the most pronounced[...]

I shall post about my adventures in Philly and with [personal profile] lls_mutant later, when I am in a better mood. I almost missed my flight yesterday, and suffice to say I kinda wish I had.
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Almost everyone in my office this year gave out Christmas goodies (I have a large pile of chocolates on my desk).
Myself, feeling bad that I didn't think to get anything, am now assembling "Happy New Year!" goodie cups. It's not much- just a cup with M&M's, gummi bears, and a noisemaker in it. But it's better than nothing, for alas, I do not have the money to buy 15 people larger items.
Bonus points for originality?
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My other Letter of Recommendation arrived at LSAC today. That means I'm ready to start submitting apps. Eep.

I got to go on a field trip at work today! They had me run to the County Courthouse to get copies of some documents. It was a nice break. Made a little longer by the fact that no one in Ops picked up my phone call because they thought I was a spam caller with an out of state area code.

I had a dream last night that AJ was at my apartment. Same apartment, only I had a wooden porch and a lake in my backyard. He had been there at a squeers get together (which sadly was not part of my dream) and had left something at my place. When he came back to get whatever it was, he stuck around and hung out for a while. Some other people showed up later, other cast members maybe. He also found a 2 liter of Mt. Dew in my hall closet which I didn't even know I had (I think I chalked it up to my mom buying it when she was here). I got on a chat site at some point with a couple people from the comm and was like "guess who's at my place??" It was a fun dream I must say.
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Got to go home 10 minutes early. The power went out! I guess a transformer blew somewhere in the vacinity, and the whole building along with a few others in the area lost power.
Although really, it should have blown at 3pm instead of 4:30. ;)
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My thermostat decided yesterday to go a little haywire on me. I woke up Wednesday night at 2 am sweating like crazy. So I went to go check the thermostat and it was set at 82 degrees! I certainly didn't do that. It hadn't gotten up to that temperature yet, thank god, but it was a blistery 78. So I turned it down to 74. Later Thursday it reset itself to 78 degrees, and I have no idea why. It did this morning as well, but I let it go since I wouldn't be home anyway. It seems to be fine at the moment.

Speaking of equipment on the fritz, our fax machine at work has been acting a little crazy. It just refuses to accept faxes sometimes. Which is bad when you're expecting stuff on a deadline. I've threatened to go all Office Space on it, but no one has taken me up on the offer yet.
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Broke a cardinal rule of mine and bought pre-made asian food. And believe it or not, it was actually good! Central Market stuff is looking pretty good, as their pumpkin tortellini was excellent.

Today was apparently Administrative Assistants Appreciation Day, and someone brought in chocolate covered strawberries. Yum. Someone else brought in warm fresh cookies, which were also delicious. Yay free food! I definitely had a sugar buzz today. :D

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