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Dear JC,
PLZ to be wearing leather chaps all the time. KTHNX.

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Funny what pops up when you click on msn's links:

J.C. Chasez
Famous for: Singing as one of the lead singers with the hit boy band 'N Sync.
What's he doing now? Chasez, 33, went solo in 2004 after 'N Sync went on "hiatus." His career is currently more focused on writing and producing music for popular musicians. He's also a judge on MTV's "America's Next Dance Crew."

From here: http://msn.careerbuilder.com/Article/MSN-2058-Career-Growth-and-Change-After-They-Were-Famous/?sc_extcmp=JS_2058_hotmail1&SiteId=cbmsnhm42058&ArticleID=2058>1=23000&cbRecursionCnt=1&cbsid=8da63051067f47718b94742db71c904c-308536748-JB-5
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I finally got around to watching last week's ABDC. If We Are Heroes doesn't win, I will be disappointed. That fire performance was...I hate to use this word, but taking a cue from the judges...sick.

In case you missed it:

They even made JC cry!

Though ok, mostly, I haven't been posting recaps because this season was boring. Frankly I didn't care enough about any of the crews.
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What's with Mario's shirt? He looks like a sailor.

I didn't think Afroborike was boring. Not as good as last week, yea, but not horrid.

Anyone getting Boogie Bots flashbacks with this challenge? Lol.

Oh JC! I love him when he gets all rambly and giggly. *million hearts*

Ahaha, Lil Mama says "swell". And JC mocks her. Love it.

Beat Ya Feet Kings suck. I'm sorry, but they do. They're stiff, and really sloppy.

Gotta agree with JC. The last two performances were the best of the night. Wow that guy in Southern Movement is good with a baton. I've tried twirling before, and it is a hell of a lot harder than it looks.

...Bollywood dancing? AHAHAHA YES! Disaster waiting to happen.

Now I'm picturing the crews trying to do this:

My asian club learned this dance for Images my freshman year. Yes, all 5 minutes and 20 seconds of it. It was fricking exhausting, but it was awesome. I wish I had video of it.
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I maybe have a little glasses kink. Ahem. Have you seen JC in glasses? No? Well, here:Read more... )
That's totally where it all began. Damn you JC. I think almost all my kinks started with JC...except my thing for nice pectorals. That started long earlier. But seriously, I find glasses very attractive. Even on Hoshi.
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JC Chasez with a rifle

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Today is the 5 year anniversary (5 years, omg!) of the day I bought Schizophrenic. I didn't buy it the day it came out, because I was really sick that day and had stayed home from school. But I went straight to Best Buy the next day once school was over! Lol. In fact, there is even an old entry about it: here.
I remember my English teacher used to play a cd every day before classtime officially started, and I convinced her once to play Schizo. :)

Today at work, one of my coworkers noticed my picture of JC from when he was included in People's hottest bachelors. She pronounced his name right! And knew which band he was in. I'm so proud. ♥

Anyway, since today is actually Wednesday, I will post my pic 365 pictures
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Can I just say that I've been waiting for a "weird song" challenge since season 1? I think good dancers should be able to dance to anything.

JC getting all smart on us this episode! "Cognizant" *g*

Also, I love him getting all giggly and nostalgic after Strykers.

Oh Beat Freaks, fangirling over JC. I love JC's reaction.

I like Dynamic Edition this week. I thought they merged the country and whatever else well.

Ringmasters are idiots...I've taught 80 year old women how to macarena, it ain't that hard! Funny story, I used to have this sweatshirt that had this stick figure doing the macarena on it. (I was 10). I also had the song on tape, and still know all the words to this day.
I thought their reaction was pretty freaking hilarious though.

I actually liked Fly Kicks tonight. They were sassy and got the challenge down well.

They should bring in Joey as an expert next week. Since he did a magic trick in the middle of his foxtrot :)
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This break in SeSa has been brought to you by JC Chasez. This was part of some special that aired recently.

Is he not adorable? He's so shy and yet so determined! Who'd have thought this unassuming kid would turn into megapop star?
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So I'm watching the VMA dance off special. Why the heck did they have Lil Mama talk about Kaba's 4 Minutes performance? Um hello, I would think JC would be a bit more appropriate to talk about it, considering he's danced with Justin and all. :P Anyone else who watch that immediately think "Digital Get Down" with the sideways treadmill?

Break Sk8 is lookin good. They've gotten better, dare I say.
So Real was ok. Off in place I thought. I can't think of Forever without thinking of Comfort and Twitch's performance to it though.
Fanny Pak? Um, still awesome.
That guy from Status Quo is an asshole! wow. And it definitely showed on stage that they do not cooperate anymore.
Man I so want a mic at that judge's table, just to hear what they really have to say and debate about.

So Real's charity is the Texas Children's Hospital of Houston...[profile] roselily87, isn't that who you did the camp for?

I kind of want to go to the ABDC tour. October 23 in Houston anyone?